Kodmonstret Mobile Apps - Development For Fun!

Kodmonstret specialises in app development in Swift for iOS and in React Native for iOS and Android.

An app focused on keeping track of your run streaks or other daily sports activities. You can also set a total distance goal to be reached within a given time period. 

If you don't want daily exercise you can follow up on a given number of times per week instead.

FunStreak is designed and developed by Fabulous Fake AB and Kodmonstret.

FunStreak is available for iOS in the AppStore and for Android on Google Play.

Stevie & Stollen is a game where you choose to play as one of two cats, Stevie or Stollen. Help them collect cat food, candy, and gold. Don't get hit by the bird poo!

Stevie & Stollen is available for iOS in the AppStore.